Leon Grant Bussinger (b.1988) is a digital strategist and designer of interactive installations, websites, and freelance motion graphics. His formal education as a classically trained stage actor has given him the baseline to which he is able to create dynamic, emotionally engaging content across all mediums as well as develop and execute large-scale marketing and branding strategies for high profile clients.

Working across all industries, clients include Ramsey Lewis, Fourish Studios , The Chicago Recording Company, Talent Drive LLC, Stats INC, Angel Learning INC, Miss Lori of PBS Kids, and the National Association of Manufacturers.

Grant follows all manner of new media and current events by reading over 30,000 blog articles a month ranging from fashion to technology, art, design, luxury, diy, life hacking and digital development. He began hosting creative events at his work/live space Loft 3A in Spring of 2007. He blogs regularly on tumblr, tweets like crazy, and enjoys connecting on facebook.

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